Marine and Quality


We are committed to protecting safety, health and the environment, minimizing risk exposure, and complying with applicable international and national codes and standards. We believe that enhancing the safety culture is a matter of personal obligation and good teamwork on board and on shore. Strict safety standards ensure that threats and risks to crew, ships, the environment or cargo ‒ and ultimately, to our customers ‒ are minimized. Compliance with national and international rules and regulations is an essential basis for achieving this. We conduct various additional, voluntary internal and external navigational audits to ensure this compliance.
• With advanced, smart information analytics, we keep a close watch over our fleet, define performance benchmarks and optimize the operational processes, enabling our clients to reach new dimensions of shipping profitability
• Every captain has 24/7 access to experiencedemployees ashore. We provide valuable support with regard to navigating and maneuvering the vessel, aswell as questions concerning ship handling and cargo care

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